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Boost your Immune System

Prevention is always better than cure and the best way to keep away flu, colds, fever and infections is by boosting your immune system, so that it can effectively fight off these problems. The best way to boost your immune system in a natural way is through Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Reflexology.

If you fall ill frequently or take more sick leave than others? The reason may lie in your immune system being weak and susceptible to viruses and bacteria. 5 most common causes of weak immunity are:

Stress at Work


Stress is related to each and every aspect of our modern day life style and most ignore the possible consequences.  Stress and anxiety over a prolonged period of time increase the cortisol level in the body  that reduces the production of hormone prostaglandin that assists the function of the immune system.

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Lack of Sleep

Sleep is the bodies method of recharging and re-energising itself and lack of sleep doesn’t allow the immune system to revive.  This can lead to a reduction in white blood cells. Research shows that those people who get less than 7 hours sleep are more prone to viral infections.

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Modern Life

With the modern lifestyle and computer centric work requires us to sit for long hours in our seats, along with lack of movement and exercise reduces the blood flow throughout the body which reduces the flow of antibodies.

Fast Food

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Poor Diet

Over dependence on processed and ready to eat meals, junk foods and soda that are loaded with preservatives, refined sugars, pesticides and chemicals reduces the bacteria fighting capacity of white blood cells, damages and weakens the immune system.


This is the outcome of the above two causes, a sedentary life style and poor food choices has turned obesity and associated diseases into one of the most prevalent health conditions for all people around the world. Obesity takes a heavy toll on the immune system by preventing the multiplicity of white blood cells, reducing the production of anti-bodies and increasing inflammation.

October 11, 2016

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