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Who Can Benefit From Warsash Physiotherapy

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When people think of physiotherapy it is generally something they associate with athletes or people who suffer from long term chronic conditions. While these two groups can massively benefit from this these are just two examples of people who could potentially benefit from Warsash physiotherapy.

What is physiotherapy?

When thinking about this it is important to be aware of what physiotherapy is. On a basic level it is a continuous form of treatment for various conditions as well as recommendations for exercises and lifestyle adjustments to help with that.
However, that is just one aspect of what our clinic offer- for example you do not necessarily need to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage. A massage can equally help someone who has had a stressful day.


When it comes to athletes (this term also covers team sports etc) there are numerous aspects that need to be addressed- training, conditioning, performance, recovery time and recovering from injury. Each of these different aspects will require different types of treatments.

Long term conditions

With long term conditions physiotherapy often has specific conditions- for example with neurological treatments it focuses on helping people to address issues with balance or mobility. Essentially this involves aiding people to adjust their mental pathways, allowing them to do basic things we take for granted like walking or being able to do their own shopping.
Long term conditions can also refer to mental health problems- sometimes these can cross over with the physical issues as well (a good illustration is the tension you physically feel in your body when you feel stressed). As well as physical treatments we can also offer hypnotherapy and counselling to deal with mental conditions and issues.

Office workers and other professionals

Osteopathy is often used to help people aid their posture as well as dealing with back problems. A consultation with a therapist can also give people guidance on having a more healthy approach to their working life (for example taking a break every so often when using a computer, taking a walk outside during lunch and so forth).

Why us?

Physiotherapy is something that should be provided by an experienced professional. One of the easiest things to look for is the sign of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists- this will allow you to narrow down options in your local area.
Another thing to look for is the level of experience- someone who has worked in a specific field for a long time is likely to offer better advice than someone who has just recently started practising.
At DDB Physiotherapy we believe in working with the best therapists to provide the best service. If you check each individual treatment on our site, you will see specific examples of people with the level of experience that is appropriate to what they do.
For more information or to arrange a consultation please contact us today to find out more about our services in Warsash and how we can help you.

January 09, 2015

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