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PD Warrior Classes For Parkinson’s Sufferers

PD Warrior Classes

We Offer PD Warrior Classes To Early Diagnosed Parkinson Disease Sufferers

DDB Physiotherapy Clinic in Lee-on-the-Solent are offering PD Warrior™ classes to help clients exercise and keep themselves active, whilst fighting the symptoms of Parkinson’s, which helps slow down the effects of the disease.

PD Warrior Development

PD Warrior™ was developed in Australia in 2011, by two neurological physiotherapists Melissa McConaghy and Lynn Tullock. It has already helped thousands of people around the world and is now available at DDB Physiotherapy Clinic.

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Our PD Warrior Physiotherapists

Our neurological physiotherapists Never and Didi are fully licensed and accredited instructors of PD Warrior™, a rehabilitation programme of motivation and exercise that works on the brain and body’s functions. This programme can improve mobility, decrease tremors, improve confidence and increase energy levels.

 “Initially we will carry out a full assessment on your suitability for the PD Warrior™ programme, by conducting a number of exercises with you and teaching you how to perform them. After 3 to 5 one to one’s we would then give you the option of joining a PD Warrior™ class or continuing on a one to one basis. Classes are usually held once a week.

By offering group sessions, we can work with more clients with the added benefit of creating a social network group offering support and guidance for each other. The exercises are ideal for those in early stage diagnosis so we can work on the symptoms they are experiencing and focus on managing movement and mind set.

The value of PD Warrior™ with supporting medication is growing within the UK medical industry and is recognised by Parkinson’s UK. However, the right kind of exercises at optimal intensity and frequency are required to maximise the benefits. PD Warrior™ is designed to work with your medication, not replace it.”

 “We hope to be able to offer PD Warrior™ to the wider community, helping more people.”

If you want to know more about the benefits of PD Warrior™ and PD Warrior Classes visit our PD Warrior Treatment page or contact Ashley Thompson at DDB Physiotherapy Clinic on 02392 552266.

February 22, 2019


Parkinson's Disease

Most people get their Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis when their symptoms have become obviously noticeable and one or more aspects of movement has been affected. Usually symptoms significantly improve when one starts to take medication.

What role, if any, does engaging in physical activity and/or exercises play in improving the Parkinson’s symptoms? Short answer: a lot!

Should I Continue To Exercise With Parkinson’s Disease?

If you have not been exercising or had stopped because of your Parkinson’s symptoms, try to get back to exercises as soon as possible. Research evidence supporting the value of exercises in Parkinson’s has continued to grow. However, the right kind of exercises at optimal intensity and frequency is required to maximise the benefit of exercises on Parkinson’s symptoms.

PD Warrior

PD Warrior

This where PD Warrior exercises can be helpful to you. PD Warrior exercises were created by expert neurological physiotherapist using the best available research evidence. They are designed to help slow down Parkinson’s Disease i.e. to slow down the loss of dopamine producing neurons in the brain.

These exercises are also designed to help one move better and therefore, overcome some of the difficulties experienced as result of Parkinson’s.

How Can I Start PD Warrior Exercises?

It is advised to start PD Warrior exercises with the guidance from a PD Warrior Instructor. The PD Warrior Instructor will assess your capability for exercises and determine with you what exercises will help you and then teach you how to perform the exercises.

Once you and the Instructor are happy with your performance, you may continue with the exercises on your own or you can choose to join a PD Warrior exercise class; normally once per week.

Live Brave – Thrive In 2019

Parkinson’s UK have created a video for people who have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. During the video you can hear about the experiences of others who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.

January 22, 2019

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