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What Is A Sports Massage?

What Is A Sports Massage

The question that many of us ask is: what is a sports massage? A sports massage is a type of massage that manipulates the body’s soft tissue and myofascial structures. Despite what its name may suggest, sports massages are suitable for athletes and non-athletes. So don’t worry – you don’t have to be a sports person to benefit from one.

In this article, we explore what a sports massage is, when a sports massage can help, what the benefits are and explain more about the sports massages that are available at DDB Physiotherapy.

What Is A Sports Massage?

So what is a sports massage? A sports massage is a type of massage that manipulates the bodies soft tissue to help relax the muscular skeletal system while also targeting any problem areas for each individual. By having a sports massage you can relieve muscular tension, break down adhesion’s, mobilise soft tissues and reduce pain. It is a very powerful and useful form of massage that can help with a wide range of pain and injuries that you may have.

The sports massage was at first developed for athletes to help prevent and relieve pain from existing injuries but its application has expanded significantly to include anyone who would benefit from its affects. It is typically a fast-paced massage which includes stretching. In the case of athletes, they are commonly used as part of a pre-workout stretch to help activate the muscles and as a post-workout activity to promote flexibility.

When A Sports Massage Can Help

Sports massages can help anyone who would benefit from soft tissue mobilisation. Whether you are an athlete and eager to perform at your best, new to sports/exercise and experiencing aching muscles, recovering from an injury or operation, or looking to prevent future injuries from exercise, a sports massage could be right for you.

Now you know what a sports massage is, it is worth reviewing when one can help. Sports massages are an effective treatment in the following situations:

Treat Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can be an uncomfortable and disruptive issue for athletes and non-athletes alike. It can be caused by a number of factors but is often the result of minor muscle or connective tissue damage – local muscle spasm that reduces blood flow or a build-up of waste products in your muscles. A sports massage effectively treats DOMS by reducing muscle spasms, clearing out waste products and increasing blood flow to the treated area. Damaged tissues are also repaired by the extra oxygen and nutrients from the increased blood flow.

Supercharge Your Training Programme

Training programmes are always a challenge. But what if you could add something into your programme that will supercharge its effectiveness and does not involve extra training? A sports massage will give your training programme a welcome boost by helping your body to recover from the stress of exercise while also encouraging muscle recovery. Adding a sports massage into your training programme will improve blood and lymph circulation, promote muscle relaxation and flush out waste products. Be ready for the demands on your intense training programme with reduced soreness and increased flexibility.

Prepare For A Sports Event

Pre-event preparation is key to great event performance. A pre-event sports massage can be enjoyed directly before exercise or during the weeks before the event. It is a great way to enhance your performance during the event while also reducing the chance of an injury. Start your next sports event with the confidence that your muscles are warmed up and prepared so you can deliver your best performance.

Relax Post-Event Or After Exercise

Just completed a marathon, half marathon, 10k or 5k run? A sports massage is the perfect way to relax post event. Whether you are a keen runner, cyclist, footballer, or rugby player why not relax post-event and help your muscles to recover? A massage will prepare you for your next event and it can even help to prevent injuries. Reduce any residual muscle spasms and metabolic build-up of waste products that occur after you have exercised with an easy and hassle-free treatment.

Relieve Tight Muscles

Muscle tightness is a problem that many of us encounter at some point as a result of exercise or even our everyday activities. When left untreated, muscle tightness can limit flexibility and increase pain which in turn can contribute to future injuries. Relieving tight muscles is easy with a sports massage as it increases the blood flow through muscles while breaking down inflexible tissues and stretching muscle fibres.

Key Benefits Of A Sports Massage

Decrease Muscle Pain

Having a sports massage can significantly reduce and control muscle pain. It provides intense relaxation, which interrupts the body’s pain signals and releases endorphins, which are known as the body’s natural pain killers. This type of massage can also improve your mood and even decrease anxiety.

Increase Flexibility

As a result of a sports massage, your muscle tissues are expanded and stretched which helps to release any stored pressure. You will be able to leave muscle knots and tightness behind that are affecting your flexibility and movement on a daily basis.

Faster Recovery From An Injury

The recovery process following an injury can be frustrating and can test anyone’s patience especially as you just want to get back to doing what you love. If you have suffered a tear or sprain, scar tissue will have formed as part of the healing process from this. A sports massage breaks down the scar tissue and helps to speed up the process of restoring movement. The resulting increased blood circulation will deliver oxygen to the area and repair any damaged tissues.

Improve Athletic Performance

For athletes, maximising performance is everything. If you want to maximise your performance, having a sports massage will certainly help. The massage will help you recover from exercise, prevent future injuries, increase muscle movement, and can even help you to mentally prepare for your next game, event or exercise session. You will be able to train more frequently and enhance your performance.

Promote Muscle Relaxation

Relaxed muscles are comfortable and ready for movement. The heat generated during a sports massage relaxes your muscles and primes them ready for everyday activities and athletic performance.

Sports Massages In Lee On The Solent

Sports massage is one of the key treatments that we offer at our physiotherapy clinic in Lee On The Solent. Our sports massage therapists are ready to help you manage muscle pain, recover from an injury or improve your athletic performance. We provide individually tailored, high quality sports massages to a range of clients. 45 minute and 1 hour sports massages are available. Book your sports massage today using our online booking system or by calling our friendly team on 02392 552266.

In November, we are welcoming Sonia, our new sports massage therapist to the DDB Physiotherapy team. Book an appointment with Sonia during November and December to enjoy a 10% discount.

October 27, 2021

What A Sports Massage Is And Enjoy 10% Off

What Is A Sports Massage

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics draws to a close and we celebrate the great achievements and collection of medals secured by Team GB, there has not been a better time to consider a sports massage. Athletes and sports performers are the greatest users of sports massages. However, you do not need to be an athlete or sports person to benefit from this type of treatment. Sports massages can help with a wide range of day-to-day issues that many of us experience.

In this article, we explore what a sports massage is, how you can benefit from a sports massage and how you can enjoy 10% off sports massages booked at DDB Physiotherapy this August.

What Is A Sports Massage?

So, what is a sports massage? A sports massage is a treatment that helps with the management, manipulation, and rehabilitation of soft tissues in the body. Soft tissue is a connective tissue that has not hardened into bone and cartilage. The soft tissues that it can help with include muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Sports massage is specifically designed to help correct problems and imbalances in soft tissue. The problems and imbalances are mostly caused by repetitive and strenuous physical activity or trauma. People who have a sports massage prior to and after exercise often benefit from enhanced physical performance, an aided recovery and injury prevention. It is a great way to generally relax the muscular skeletal system while also targeting any existing problem areas. Following a sports massage treatment, you can often expect relieved muscular tension, a breakdown of adhesions, mobilised soft tissues and reduced pain.

How You Can Benefit From A Sports Massage

Improved Circulation & Lymphatic Flow

Improving your circulation and lymphatic flow is particularly beneficial for your body. A sports massage improves circulation by creating friction between the skin and your fingers. This generated friction is able to stimulate an improvement in both blood and lymphatic flow. Improving blood circulation helps to maintain muscle strength and overall energy, while improving lymphatic flow helps to encourage the removal of toxins and waste products from within the body.

Assisted Removal Of Metabolic Waste

Metabolic waste products can build up within the body, having a sports massage can help to assist with the removal of these through the lymphatic system. By removing the metabolic waste, it is possible to increase relaxation and decrease pain. After the waste has been removed, your muscles become healthier and fatigue less. The metabolic waste is replaced by oxygen and valuable nutrients that aid the maintenance of healthy muscles.

Sedate Or Stimulate Nerve Endings

Sedating or stimulating nerve endings helps to reduce muscle tension. The massage will stimulate the nerve endings within your skin and underlying fascia which detect changes in the environment. These changes are often relate to temperature, pain and pressure. By stimulating the nerve endings, a sports massage helps to relax your muscles and reduce discomfort or pain.

Increase Or Decrease Muscle Tone

Increasing or decreasing muscle tone to suit the needs of each specific client is hugely beneficial. It is also able to address high muscle tone issues, this involves the low-level contraction of muscles that occurs unconsciously. If you have a high muscle tone you often face reduced movement, increased muscle tightness, increased tension, and an increased risk of injury. Having a sports massage in this case is particularly beneficial for sports people that are preparing for an event.

Remodel Scar Tissue

If you have suffered an injury, you will have some scar tissue. Sports massage is effective at breaking down scar tissue which can become restrictive as the elasticity of the scar tissue is lower than the body’s natural muscular tissues. By focusing on the soft tissues at varying levels of pressure, the massage increases the temperature of the scar tissue. This loosens the tissue and allows it to be broken down more easily, which will also remodel it.

Aids Mental Preparation For Sports

Taking part in any form of sports, whether at an amateur/social, semi-professional or professional level requires a certain level of preparation. For many people, this extends beyond a physical training programme and often involves some degree of mental preparation. Sports massage is an invaluable component of your mental preparation as it can provide reassurance and give you the confidence that you and your body are in the best possible condition for the sports activity that you are about to undertake. Having a sports massage can also provide comfort and help to ease any concerns about suffering an injury due to the injury prevention qualities that it offers.

Book Your Sports Massage At DDB Physiotherapy In Lee-On-The-Solent, Hampshire

If you are considering a sports massage, now is a great time to book one at DDB Physiotherapy. Why not enjoy our special offer of 10% off all sports massages booked for August? Our qualified sports massage therapist, Peter, will provide you with a bespoke sports massage that is tailored to suit your specific needs. Peter has a first class degree in sports injury and treatment alongside extensive experience in sports massage. Book your sports massage online or call our clinic on 02392 552266.

August 10, 2021

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