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The Causes Of Back Pain And How Physiotherapy Can Help

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Many of our clients that come to DDB Physiotherapy are asking for help and advice in looking after and treating back pain. Back pain can have a significant impact on your everyday life if it is not managed well. In this article, we explore the causes of back pain and explain how seeing a physiotherapist can help.

Causes Of Back Pain

While back pain can be painful and upsetting, it usually gets better quickly and can be managed through a combination of advice and remaining active.

There are many causes of back pain and it often involves a combination of the following:

  • Physical factors, such as ‘protecting’ the back and avoiding movements, or a simple strain.
  • Psychological factors, including a fear of damage or not getting better, feeling down or being stressed.
  • More general health and lifestyle factors, like being tired and rundown, not getting enough good quality sleep, being overweight or not getting enough physical activity.
  • Social triggers, such as difficult relationships at work or home, low job satisfaction or stressful life events, like a family death or illness.

Sometimes there can be specific causes of back pain that present symptoms such as leg pain, pins and needles or numbness. This can be caused by irritation of the nerves in the back.

Treatment For Back Pain

Research has shown that back pain can be treated with a combination of the following:

  • Remaining active as pain allows
  • Painkillers (if needed)
  • Advice from a healthcare professional

Exercise has been shown to be the best form of treatment for back pain, as long as this exercise stays within your pain limit. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy has a series of five video exercises that can help to alleviate back pain. Watch their Video Exercises for Back Pain.

Getting Help With Back Pain

If back pain persists or worsens over a period of 2-3 weeks, and it is preventing you from doing your normal activities then further advice should be sought from your GP or your physiotherapist.

Physiotherapists are specialists in the care of Lower Back Pain and are able to give the right advice to suit you and your needs.

Seeing a Physiotherapist At DDB

When you see a physiotherapist, they will complete a full and thorough assessment of you, taking into consideration your:

  • Medical history
  • History of pain
  • Activities

They will also conduct a physical examination to assess how your muscles, nerves and joints are working.

On conclusion of the assessment, they will discuss what is the best treatment programme to manage your back pain, which may include:

  • Home exercise programmes for strength and mobility
  • Manual treatment
  • Advice on pain

Following your initial appointment, you will be invited back to allow the physiotherapist to monitor your progress and adjust your treatment if necessary.

Book A Physiotherapy Appointment With Us

We can complete a thorough assessment of your back pain and recommend a treatment plan that will manage your pain. Find out more about Physiotherapy for Back Pain and book your appointment online or call us: 02392 552266.

May 23, 2019

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