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Different Types Of Whiteley Physiotherapy Treatments

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When people think of Whiteley physiotherapy they typically think of massage or possibly treating back problems. However this is just a couple of examples of possible treatments that a physiotherapist could potentially offer you and in this article we will look at the range of options available to you.

Neurological physiotherapy

This is a specific treatment for people with neurological conditions such as-

– Multiple sclerosis

– Spinal cord injuries

– Parkinson’s

– Stroke

– Cerebral palsy

Essentially the idea behind the exercises is to help people re-coordinate their bodies using repetitive actions, helping them to regain control to do a lot of the things in life we take for granted (walking, going to the shops and so forth).


This treatment is designed to help the structure and function of the body, often helping people with back pain, posture issues plus relieving the pain of conditions such as arthritis and injuries.
As more people take up jobs in offices posture and back issues are more likely to be an issue so this can be massively beneficial in the long term!

Sports therapy

Sports therapy works on a couple of levels- on the one hand it is about preventing injuries and helping athletes to compete on an optimum level and on the other it is about rehabilitating athletes who have been injured and need help getting back to full form.
During this time a therapist will work with an athlete, basing an exercise plan on the type of injury that was sustained, the level of activity as well as the specific needs of the individual in question.


Sports Massage

Sports massage can be equally as effective for people who aren’t athletes. As well as improving blood circulation, affecting muscle tone, clear metabolic waste and the remodelling of scar tissue.
Massage can be effective at various points- it can be ideal while training or conditioning your body, during a competition, recovering after performance, recovering from an injury or to help prevent an injury.

Why us?

DDB Physiotherapy has been working in the Whiteley area for the last ten years. We pride ourselves on using trained physiotherapy specialists who have been proven in their individual fields so you know when you book a treatment you will work with someone will get the best possible results. If you look on the website for each individual treatment you will see information on each specific professional who works on those particular services and their background.

January 20, 2015

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