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Chakras are energy centres, connecting points between the energy system and the physical body

What is Chakra Balancing

The chakras are energy centres, connecting points between the energy system and the physical body.  They are like transformers in that energy steps down into physical manifestation.  Each chakra plays a specific role in supporting and governing the functioning of your physical body and its organs.  They also heavily influence the endocrine system.’

Physiologically, the balance affects the sympathetic, parasympathetic, and is used to bring these systems into balance to sustain our overall level of energy and good health

Why balance your chakras

Is a simple intervention that produces harmony in the chakra system and has a profound, relaxing effect on the body. In our everyday life, we are subjected to a number of activities, sources of stress and demands that result in fluctuations in our energy level. Some may feel draining, others fulfilling or nourishing. Furthermore, past events and experiences often leave a long lasting influence on how we operate in the world, thereby influencing how we manage our energy day-to-day.

Stresses placed on us by the demands of life may result in interruptions and fluctuations in our energy flow and result in temporary or chronic imbalances.  Chakras can become sluggish, displaced, overactive or closed.

A Chakra imbalance can affect:

  • How much energy flows through the chakra or chakra system


  • A chakra is deficient when the energy is “blocked” or it is “closed up”


  • A chakra is overactive when the energy flow is excessively increased and not regulated


  • The position of the energetic field associated with one or several chakras is displaced

Balancing consists in establishing sufficient and consistent flow where there is not enough, regulating energy where there is too much, and aligning where there’s distortion or displacement.