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Headache Treatment

Headache Treatment In Fareham & Gosport

There are over 300 different types of headache described in the literature. Diagnosis of causes of headaches is difficult to make from the features of headaches alone as many symptoms of many types of headaches overlap.

The term “cervicogenic headache” is used to describe a headache which dominates on one side of the head, generally starting in the neck and spreading forwards to the front of the head. Symptoms are generally provoked by neck movements and sustained postures e.g. staying at a computer for a long time. They are usually described as dull or moderate in intensity and are worse in the mornings.

However, many headaches are unexplained but it is increasingly recognised that problems with the muscles and joints of the neck contribute to different types of headaches – including tension type headache, menstrual migraine and medication over use headache.

A common cause of problems with the muscle and joints of the neck leading to neck stiffness is a whiplash injury. However, it is thought that abnormal sensory input from the upper neck due to trauma or other contributory factors such as food and wine increases the sensitivity of varying structures in the base of the brain resulting in a headache for those who are already so disposed.

If you can provoke your headaches by either applying external pressure to the neck or turning of the head, then perhaps Physiotherapy may be able to help you. Specific techniques can be employed to treat the muscle and joint stiffness, thereby resolving the mechanical stiffness and therefore decreasing the sensation process that may result in a headache.

At the end of the first assessment it should be evident as to whether the neck is playing a role in headache production. Reduction of symptoms may mean less medication is used, especially in the case of people who experience chronic daily headaches.

The initial assessment lasts an hour and subsequent sessions are 30 minutes.

Usually 5 or 6 treatments are needed at increasing intervals as signs and symptoms improve.

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