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Hopi Ear Candles Fareham

HOPI EAR CANDLE (Thermal Auricular Therapy)

Hopi ear candles are used for many problems relating the ear, nose and throat. So if you are suffering from head colds, hay fever, sinusitis, headaches, swimmer ear or excessive wax, this treatment could really benefit you.

What to expect

As the candle burns it creates a light suction action and the movement of the flame creates a vibration of air in the candle, generating a massage-like effect on the eardrum. This begins the process of regualting the pressure within the ears, forehead and sinuses. Whilst the candle is burning the pleasant heat sensation can stimulate the peripheral blood circulation and can strengthen and cleanse the circulation of the lymphatic system.

What are the candles

The candles or cones are made of hemp, linen or cotton ompregnated with beeswax and sometime honey, herbs or essential oils.

images credit: quayside / 123RF Stock Photo