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General Hypnotherapy

If you suffer from sleeplessness, phobias, anxiety, an eating disorder, sexual or relationship problems, don’t let these problems limit your life when an effective solution may be just a phonecall away. At DDB Physiotherapy we have the expertise combined with an effective therapy to change your life for the better.

As well as resolving problems, hypnotherapy (which is talking therapy using hypnosis) can be effective for improvement in many areas of your life, whether you need more motivation to become a confident sales professional, deal with difficult people effectively or boost your concentration.

Stop smoking

Hypnotherapy can be effective as a means to help smokers to stop smoking for good. The New Scientist has reported on a study covering more than 70,000 smokers/ex-smokers from America and Europe. It concluded that hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking. The Which? Report has previously reported that of all the methods available for stopping smoking, hypnotherapy was the most successful, and the only one without cravings, irritability and weight gain.

Weight control

Hypnotherapy for weight control can be very effective. Use it to reduce or control your weight and you will be pleasantly surprised as to just how easy it can be. As an example, you may recall the series Supersize vs Superskinny when presenter Anna Richardson found hypnotherapy to be the most effective treatment for her own weight loss program. Go to our Slimming Hypnotherapy Page. Change your relationship with food for good and stop struggling with weight control. Contact us today on 02392552266 or email us.

What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness during which we are more likely to take on board suggestions, provided these suggestions make sense to us. It is a natural state of mind into which we enter on a frequent basis – think of day-dreaming, for instance, or being absorbed in some activity which makes us oblivious to the world around us.

For the purposes of hypnotherapy (therapy which employs hypnosis), the brain is viewed as being divided into conscious and subconscious. Hypnosis enables communication with the subconscious, making use of the mind’s heightened susceptibility to beneficial suggestions during trance in order to make changes.

These changes could include overcoming phobias, reducing anxiety or simply getting a good night’s sleep. The list is long and varied.
Would you be controlling me?

No, far from it. During hypnotherapy you remain in control. You are awake and therefore free to reject any suggestion that you felt was unsuitable. If you do not reject it (and there is no reason why you should since as a therapist I am only offering suggestions that are beneficial), then that suggestion will take root in your subconscious mind and start having beneficial effects.

If you are wondering how a stage hypnotist manages to get people to perform daft stunts, those participants are not chosen, they volunteer. Out of these volunteers, the less suggestible people are sent back to the audience. You now have on the stage the most suggestible and flamboyant members of the audience as volunteers. Because they are volunteers and highly suggestible, they accept the suggestions given to them by the hypnotist. However, this should not be confused with hypnotherapy.

I do not think I am suggestible.

Anybody can be hypnotised unless, they are drunk, drugged or have certain mental handicaps. However, most people are not the highly suggestible outgoing type that the stage hypnotist uses in their shows to such dramatic effect. They are, however, sufficiently hypnotisable for therapy to take effect.

How many sessions?

It varies. Smoking can be dealt with in a single session. Phobias generally take four or five sessions. However, people with a range of issues or deep-seated problems will take longer. That said, the intention is to enable you to start making changes to your life relatively quickly. Progress is also monitored as we go along.

How does it work with smoking?

Smoking can be a surprisingly easy habit to give up with the help of hypnosis. Most people think that they are addicted to nicotine. However, this is only a minor part of the reason why people continue to smoke when they want to be rid of it: The main reason is in the mind.

The effects of nicotine only last a couple of days, no longer. The effects of the social aspect of smoking, the habit and missing looking forward to a ciggy at tea break at work or with a pint are the bits that can make giving up more difficult. This is where some people come unstuck. So during our smoking cessation session I will change that persons’ relationship with cigarettes and therefore break their need for them. I will make it much easier to refuse cigarettes and make sure they view themselves as a non-smoker, not an ex-smoker.