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PD Warrior – Exercise Philosphy for Early Onset Parkinson’s
PD Warrior

What is PD Warrior?

PD Warrior is an intensive exercise-based program designed to drive neuroplastic change in people with Parkinson’s. It is in stark contrast to the compensatory movement and queuing strategies employed in current clinical practice. PD Warrior approach is designed to help people live with Parkinson’s better by improving the way they move – either by increasing their effort, amplitude, dual tasking or a combination of all three.

A recent survey carried out by PD Warriors showed that 94% of people continued exercising after the PD Warrior 10 Week Challenge had been completed and 98% of people thought that the program was worth their time. PD Warrior is a game changer

Introduction to PD Warrior

PD Warrior is on licence from Australia, and all our therapist have attended training provided by PD Warrior. As a picture spells a thousand words I have attached video from PD Warrior and urge you to watch.

If your unable to see this please go to You Tube and search for PD Warrior

Early Intervention is Key

PD Warrior is an early intervention strategy and aimed at those who with a recent diagnosis or soon after.  These are the people that will get the most out of the program. People who are more significantly impaired, falling and freezing daily will still benefit from the program but will require an intensive programme and have to work a lot harder, for a longer for smaller gains.

10 Week Challenge

If you have done the quick quiz already, you know what type of Parkinson’s you have. Now find out how to get even better results by starting the 10 Week Challenge at DDB Physiotherapy Clinic. The 10 Week Challenge has been developed to get you into peak physical condition as well as teaching you how to move better for life!

As well as leading you through an exercise program, the PD Warrior 10 Week Challenge promotes good exercise behaviours that you can continue long after you finish PD Warrior.